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List and descriptions of characters

Full list of chapters with proper summaries

Since the plot of We Will Be Adored and A Morning With The Night interact, here is a rough timeline to keep everything straight.

We Will Be Adored A Morning With The Night
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Smoothie meets the Sirens Chapter 1 Juicebox meets Luna
Chapter 3 Smoothie mets the Sirens again
Chapter 4A Smoothie becomes a roadie
Chapter 4B "Scratch's Itch"
Chapter 5 Convention and Peppermint Chapter 2 Luna again, on a train
Chapter 6 Learning assertiveness
Chapter 7 More assertiveness
Chapter 8 Sneaky fun outside
Chapter 9 Peppermint again
Chapter 10 Sonata's worries Chapter 3 Juicebox meets Celestia
Chapter 11A Aria meets Tokamak
Chapter 11B Smoothie & Juicebox catch up
Chapter 12 Aria sees Tokamak again
Chapter 13 Aria sees Tokamak again again
Chapter 14 Sonata-Smoothie-Tokamak threesome Chapter 4 Juicebox meets Twilight
Chapter 15 Adagio fails to seduce Juicebox, meets Peach
Chapter 16 Adagio sees Peach again
Chapter 17A "Scratch's Itch 2" with Sonata
Chapter 17B The boys get up to speed
Chapter 18 Enter Trixie
Chapter 19 Peach & Sonata threesome, sort of
Chapter 20 Aria and Tokamak are dating
Chapter 21 The Dazzlings perform
Chapter 22 Trixie, Smoothie & Sonata
Chapter 23 Blue pony threesome
Chapter 24 Adagio softens with Peach
Chapter 25 Trixie and Smoothie again
Chapter 26 Adagio makes Peach blow Smoothie
Chapter 27 Sonata & Trixie lesbian time Chapter 5 Smoothie, Juicebox & Twilight threesome
Chapter 28 Sonata confesses her past
Chapter 29 Peach learns to share Chapter 6 Twilight gets drunk
Chapter 30 Blue pony trio are sneaky
Chapter 31 More blue ponies Chapter 7 Luna has Juicebox again
Chapter 32 Sonata likes to watch boys
Chapter 33 Scratch's Itch 3 Chapter 8 Celestia sees Juicebox again
Chapter 34 Dazzlings give a proper concert Chapter 9 Twilight realizes she has a crush
Chapter 35 Aria is invogorated and randy
Chapter 36 Adagio is invogorated and randy
Chapter 37 The Sirens' big confrontation with Twilight Chapter 10 Twilight processes the aftermath of the confrontation with the Sirens
Chapter 38 Sonata and Smoothie celebrate
Chapter 39 Trixie/Sonata/Smoothie/Tokamak 4-some
Chapter 40 Trixie "borrows" Tokamak from Aria
Chapter 41 Smoothie and Tokamak gay it up a little
Chapter 42 The Sirens encounter Princess Luna
Chapter 43 Luna speaks to Sonata in a dream
Chapter 44 Adagio finally collars Peach
Chapter 45 Luna meets again with Sonata
Chapter 46 Sonata & Peppermint try hooking up
Chapter 47 The Blue Pones play with Tokamak
Chapter 48 Peach has fun at Rarity's shop Chapter 11 Luna has JB bring Smoothie along
Chapter 49 Luna visits Sonata in a dream again Chapter 12 Twilight asks JB out
Chapter 50 The Blue Pones have a heart-to-heart Chapter 13 Twilight tests her device
Chapter 51 Starlight meets the Sirens and Tokamak Chapter 14 Starlight hooks up with Twilight and JB
Chapter 52 Princesses discuss what to do about the Sirens
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