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Canon characters

The Sirens:

Adagio Dazzle

The foul-mouthed leader of the Sirens…or at least the most aggressive and pushy of them. She has some anger management issues, but Smoothie has been a good influence on her, and her “pet” sub Peach has been bringing out her softer side. Don’t let her catch you saying that, though.

Aria Blaze

She’s just Aria. Whatever. She pretends not to care about anything, but isn’t fooling anyone. She is dating Tokamak, but like, it’s not a big deal. Don’t make a whole thing of it. And she’s quitting smoking just because she wants to, and totally not for Tokamak’s sake.

Sonata Dusk

She is not at all stupid, but she is…uncomplicated. What you see is what you get with her, and she is usually just happy to be here. She and her boyfriend Smoothie are devoted to each other, but have a VERY open relationship.

The Great And Powerful Trixie

A young stage magician with big dreams. She has mellowed a bit since high school, but still thinks a lot of herself, as well she should! She currently lives in her wagon…which is to say RV, in hopes of soon getting enough work to begin touring Equestria. She and the other blue ponies have been spending an awful lot of time together lately…

The Princesses:

Princess Celestia

The Princess of the day, with her sister diarch of Equestria. Like her sister, she is well over a thousand years old. Much less serious than her sister, she sees herself as a maternal figure for her subjects. She isn’t the incorrigible letch that Princess Luna is, but she does have needs, and has “borrowed” Juicebox a couple of times.

Princess Luna

The Princess of the night, with her sister diarch of Equestria. Returned from a thousand years of exile on the moon only 12 years ago. She takes herself fairly seriously, and expects you to as well. When she is not engaged in her duties as diarch, she is a bit of a letcher and likes to drink. On a lark she more or less randomly selected Juicebox out of all the ponies who dream of her, to come to the palace and fill her needs. It was meant to be one time, but she has kept him around.

Princess Twilight Sparkle

The Princess of Friendship, and the youngest of the Princesses, being only in her 20s. It’s only been a few years since she was transformed into an Alicorn and elevated to the role of Princess. She is still learning how to fit into her role, and into herself.

Original Characters:


He was a regular college undergrad at Canterlot U when the Sirens happened to him. Now he is Sonata’s boyfriend, and Aria and Adagio’s occasional fucktoy, and everything else that goes along with being the main character of a porn comic.


Smoothie’s cousin and roommate. A lucky chance at being a princess’s commoner booty-call has turned into a full time gig for him.


A grad student at Canterlot University. After being accosted in a bathroom by Aria, they gradually got to know each other better. Now Aria will grudgingly admit that the two of them are dating.

Peach Cobbler

A meek, shy erstwhile bartender, who earned first Adagio’s contempt, then attention, and eventually grudging affection. She isn’t always as nice to him as she should be, but if you lay a finger on him she will end you.


A shy gay boy, who Sonata and Smoothie met at a con. He has a bit of a crush on Smoothie, and is happy to have helped him open up to being bisexual.

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