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Series - We Will Be Adored - A Morning With The Night - After Hours at Carousel Boutique

We Will Be Adored

Chapter 1 Introduces the Sirens’ need to feed using sex, now that they cannot feed off of crowds with their gems broken. They have found that they can feed off of a pony’s life force with intense emotions, including lust. (Old, not my best work)

Chapter 2 We meet Smoothie as he is accosted by the Sirens in a park. Adagio leaves him hanging, but Sonata is kind and finishes him off. The two of them exchange video game friend codes. (Possibly start reading here instead of part 1)

Chapter 3 Smoothie encounters the Sirens again, and gives Sonata a flower. He is invited back to their hotel room. Aria has a turn with him, and Sonata is a little jealous, having taken a fancy to him.

Chapter 4A Smoothie is roped into being a roadie for the Sirens, helping them load equipment for a gig. After that, he and Sonata spend some quality time together hiding in a storage closet, before the gig. The two of them realize that they are dating.

Chapter 4B Smoothie is recruited by Vinyl Scratch for a rather unusual recording session, after which he gets to know Vinyl and her girlfriend Octavia a bit better.

Chapter 5 While attending a con, Smoothie and Sonata meet a submissive boy named Peppermint, and Smoothie has his first guy-on-guy experience, which Sonata very much enjoys watching.

Chapter 6 Adagio recruits Smoothie to help her try to learn how to have sex with a stallion without overwhelming and terrifying him. Smoothie learns to be a bit more assertive.

Chapter 7 Adagio wants to try a little more of not being the one in charge, so ironically bullies Smoothie into being aggressive again.

Chapter 8 Smoothie, Sonata, and Aria have a bit of sneaky fun outside.

Chapter 9 They encounter Peppermint again, and Sonata enjoys another chance to watch some boy-love.

Chapter 10 It is revealed that Sonata has been abstaining from feeding on the life force of ponies, because she doesn’t want to seem monstrous to Smoothie, starving herself in the process. Smoothie encourages her to “eat” and allows her to feed on him to refresh herself. Aria encounters Tokamak in the dorm bathroom and terrifies him.

Chapter 11A Aria tracks down Tokamak and “bribes” him to not tell anypony that he saw her monstrous side.

Chapter 11B Smoothie catches up with his cousin and roomie Juicebox, on the events of their respective summer breaks. See also: A Morning With The Night 1, 2, and 3

Chapter 12 Tokamak encounters Aria again, and asks her out. She sort of accepts, I guess. No big deal.

Chapter 13 Aria and Tokamak spend some more time together. But it’s not dating or anything. Jeez, don’t make a whole thing out of it.

Chapter14 Sonata and Smoothie rope Tokamak (who Aria is TOTALLY not dating) into a threesome.

Chapter 15 Ditched by the other two Sirens, Adagio goes out on her own and meets (and accosts) a submissive boy named Peach Cobbler.

Chapter 16 Adagio spends some more quality time with Peach.

Chapter 17A Sonata asks a favour of Vinyl Scratch, and a lesbian-old-time ensues.

Chapter 17B While the Sirens rehearse, Smoothie catches the other boys up on the situation.

Chapter 18 A jilted and newly single Trixie uses Smoothie to get notional revenge on her now ex-boyfriend.

Chapter 19 Adagio discovers that she enjoys watching Peach do her bidding with Sonata.

Chapter 20 Aria finally admits that she and Tokamak are dating, I guess. Whatever.

Chapter 21 Having re-learned how to sing without their magic gems to help, the Sirens give their first live show without any autotune or fakery… and are surprised to find themselves nourished by the enjoyment of the crowd to their honest, real singing.

Chapter 22 Trixie and Smoothie spend a little more time together, which Sonata very much enjoys watching.

Chapter 23 The Three Blue Ponies (Sonata, Trixie, and Smoothie) enjoy a threesome. Trixie discovers she might not be as straight as she thought.

Chapter 24 Adagio allows herself to be just the tiniest bit tender with Peach.

Chapter 25 Trixie and Smoothie spend time together.

Chapter 26 Adagio enjoys a less-than-heterosexual threesome with Peach and Smoothie

Chapter 27 While Smoothie is off somewhere with Juicebox (See A Morning With The Night 5) Trixie and Sonata get a bit closer, and Trixie gets a bit less straight.

Chapter 28 Smoothie and Trixie learn about the Siren’s history, in particular with Twilight Sparkle.

Chapter 29 Adagio helps Peach to learn to enjoy watching her with other ponies (Tokamak in this case), and feel less jealous and threatened by it.

Chapter 30 The three blue ponies (Sonata, Trixie, and Smoothie) have a bit of sneaky fun in a public place.

Chapter 31 More Blue Pone Group quality time, in which Trixie is reminded that she doesn't always have to perform for everypony.

Chapter 32 Sonata drags Tokamak into her grand plan to gay up all the boys for her personal delight.

Chapter 33 Smoothie encounters Vinyl Scratch and Octavia again.

Chapter 34 The Dazzlings finally get to perform a full set before a full-sized crowd.

Chapter 35 Invigorated by the previous night's performance...and feeding, Aria jumps Tokamak, and Smoothie gets caught up in it.

Chapter 36 Invigorated by the previous night's performance...and feeding, Adagio jumps Peach, and Juicebox gets caught up in it.

Chapter 37 The Sirens' past finally catches up to them when Twilight Sparkle summons the three of them to the castle for an audience, which turns into a confrontation.

Chapter 38 Smoothie and Sonata celebrate the Sirens' royal pardon, and no longer having to fear The Law catching up with the former villains.

Chapter 39 Sonata arranges a foursome to help Trixie get over some of her sexual inhibitions. And because it's fun. The three blue ponies realize that they are, in fact, in some sort of three-way relationship.

Chapter 40 Trixie experiments with ethical promiscuity by "borrowing" Tokamak from Aria.

Chapter 41 Aria sets up Smoothie and Tokamak for some "just friends" experimental fun.

Chapter 42 The Sirens encounter Princess Luna.

Chapter 43 Sonata meets Luna in a dream. Or simply dreams of Luna. Who can say?

Chapter 44 Adagio gives Peach a collar, to remind him who he belongs to.

Chapter 45 Luna has a discussion with Sonata, and reveals that she knows more than the Sirens might think.

Chapter 46 Sonata helps Peppermint try out straight sex, to see what he thinks of it.

Chapter 47 After a nice day together, Sonata/Trixie/Smoothie spend some quality sexy time together... and then add Tokamak to the mix, on a whim.

Chapter 48 Adagio takes Peach to Rarity's Canterlot boutique to have him try on some girly clothes, on a lark. They end up having more than a fashion show.

Chapter 49 Luna pries further into Sonata's past, and hatches a plan with Twilight.

Chapter 50 The Blue Pones (Trixie, Sonata, and Smoothie) decide that what they are doing is a relationship.

Chapter 51 Starlight decides to observe Siren feeding in action, and ends up sleeping with Tokamak in the process.

Chapter 52 The Princesses discuss what to do about the Sirens.

Chapter 53 Octavia and Tokamak hook up, with a bit of Siren help at the end.

Chapter 54 Peach has his first experience as a bottom, with Tokamak.

Chapter 55 Luna and Sonata spend more dream time together,

A Morning With The Night

Chapter 1 Juicebox is lucky enough to be the subject summoned to the palace, to serve Princess Luna’s needs, for just one time.

Chapter 2 On finding Juicebox on the same train with her, Luna decides to take Juicebox for another spin.

Chapter 3 At Luna’s suggestion, Princess Celestia avails herself of Juicebox’s “services”.

Chapter 4 Having become a regular at the palace, Juicebox is introduced to Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Chapter 5 Twilight asks Juicebox to recruit a stallion so she can try a threesome. He recruits his cousin and roomie Smoothie. See: We Will Be Adored 27

Chapter 6 After experimenting with ethyl alcohol consumption, Twilight summons Juicebox again.

Chapter 7 Luna summons Juicebox again to scratch her itch, but Twilight may be a little jealous…

Chapter 8 Juicebox accepts a job from Celestia as palace courtesan, and performs his first official duties with her.

Chapter 9 Twilight sees Juicebox again, and is starting to have feelings for him.

Chapter 10 Twilight ponders the implications of the confrontation with the Sirens in WWBA part 37 and where to go from here.

Chapter 11 Luna calls upon both Juicebox and Smoothie to scratch an itch she has for two stallions.

Chapter 12 Juicebox has a hard day, and enjoys resting with Twilight before getting "to business". Aftwards, Twilight kinda sorta asks him on a date.

Chapter 13 Twilight needs to test out her artificial Siren gem device, with the help of Juicebox and Rarity.

Chapter 14 Twilight invites Starlight to join her and Juicebox.

After Hours at Carousel Boutique

Part 1 Cold Front, a shy femboy, goes to Carousel Boutique to get fitted for girly clothes, and gets more than they bargained for from Rarity.

Part 2 Cold front comes back to retrieve their clothes, and spends some time with Sweetie Belle.

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